Thank you for choosing NameSecure Web Hosting to host your Web site.

Our goal is to provide you with the latest tools, unparalleled reliability and the very best in support. To get your site up and running as quickly and easily as possible, please take a few moments to view the tips below.


New domains typically take up to 3 days to fully propagate. And, domain transfers can have an added delay of up to 7 days as well.

If you have chosen to leave your domain name with the current domain registrar instead of registering a new domain registrar instead of registering a new domain with, or transferring an existing domain registration to NameSecure, you will need to change the IP address to the following:

Primary Name Server:   DNS1.NAMESECURE.COM
IP Address:
Secondary Name Server:   DNS2.NAMESECURE.COM
IP Address:

Be sure to use once it becomes available on our servers.

Getting Started
To begin using your NameSecure Web Hosting account, log into your NameSecure My Account Manager here, then click on the "Manage Hosting" link for this domain name.

There you will see a link to "Starter Kit" which will walk you thru the features of your hosting account, and guide you to getting started.

Uploading Your Pages
Using the FTP client software of your choice, connect to or your site's IP address (until your domain is active), and login with your new FTP username and password. (All of this information can be found in the NameSecure My Account Manager, "Manage Web Hosting" tab.)

Once logged in, you will be in the document root directory of your Web site. This is where you should place your default page (index.html). Of course, you can create sub-directories and place documents in them as you wish.

If you have any scripts, remember to place them in the "cgi-bin" directory.

How Do I Manage My Hosting Account?
To manage your hosting account, log into your NameSecure My Account Manager here, then click on the domain name, and then click on the "Manage Web Hosting" tab.

There, you will be able to manage your NameSecure Web Hosting account quickly and easily, including:
  • Viewing Web site statistics
  • Finding utilities to aid you with the installation of forms, guestbooks, counters and more.
  • Access the many additional features offered in your NameSecure Web Hosting package

Important Things to Remember
  • It's strongly recommended that you back up your current files on your hard drive before making any modifications to your site.
  • Secure pages (SSL) must be named "https://"
  • Server Side Include (SSI) documents must have an .shtml extension.
  • If you are using MS FrontPage, you may begin publishing to the URL once your domain is active. Your FrontPage extensions will be enabled for you.
  • This Welcome page will be replaced by your homepage when you upload your files. But, you will be able to access this information at any time in the future by going to

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