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#733, "New Condition". Last Semple made. She was kept warm, dry and covered in our shop. Engine is complete. Includes a Lunkenheimer team Whistle and a 4-1/2" solid brass Lonergan Gauge. Engine is located in Tacoma, Washington.
$ 5,650.00
Additional info and jpegs:
telephone: 253-566-3843 (h), 253-223-2667(c)


For Sale:

Beautiful sleek Canoe Stern Launch. We have enjoyed this boat on occasion, but just don't have the time to get out on the water. Details:
     20' Laminated wood hull with fiberglass skin;
     Propane fired Balckstaffe Wood Boiler and Fore and Aft Compound Engine - Photo;
     Wheel steer in center;
     New 30 lb horizontal cylinder propane tank (in enclosure vented overboard);
     New bronze hand feedwater pump;
     Engine has feed and air pumps driven on crosshead;
     Keel Condensor;
     Stainless Steel make up tank;
     Storage fore and aft storage in hull;
     Fenders, ropes, hook, etc included;
     EZ Loader trailer with bunks and rollers. New strap on winch. Trailer Photo
Plumbing has been gone over and the boat runs very well. It's a fast boat when you open it up. Really slides through the water. It's an easy boat to run and is fast firing with the Ofeldt style boiler. I'm focusing on other projects and antique cars and just really don't have time to get on the water. Would like to pass this on to someone else to enjoy. $9995 orbest offer. All offers considered. Has been in the water recently and can be demonstrated at request. Thanks!

$ 9,995.00 or best offer. All offers considered.

Contact: Jared Schoenly email:
telephone: 610-301-2797


WANTED: Purchase steamboat/launch with lines similar to SAN JOAQUINE, NARRAGANSETT or CATALYST. West Coast preferably and in good running order.
Contact: Jon Kirchanski
telephone: 360-434-5977


For Sale: Steam Launch SANTANA
     Santana is a steel hull enclosed launch with a comfortable open stern seating area under the roof photo here.
     The hull is 26’ x 8’, and draws about 30” water. The workboat style hull gives her ample carrying capacity and interior space. She is currently fitted with an oil-fired water tube boiler, and a steeple compound engine. The engine drives a 24x38 RH four bladed propeller that is surrounded by a Kitchen Rudder. Santana was built to be a comfortable cruiser with plenty of capacities to make sure every journey is a success.
     The Kitchen rudder (photo here) allows the engine to operate at a continuous RPM while the clamshell operation of the rudder controls forward and reverse operation. The Kitchen rudder also pivots to control the direction of the launch.
     The steeple compound engine is 3-1/4 + 6 x 5, condensing (photo here). The inboard condenser is cooled by water pumped through a cooling water pump driven by an auxiliary engine. The auxiliary engine is a horizontal 2-½ x 3” engine that drives the cooling water pump, an alternator, and on a clutched belt, a large capacity salvage pump.
     Water is pumped into the boiler with a crosshead driven pump, with Penberthy Injector and hand pump as back-ups.
     The boiler is a Beckmann water tube, HWT-S90 fitted with a Wayne Model MSR 12V DC oil burner. She is fitted with two 55-gallon diesel tanks, giving her about 30 hours cruising range.
     The 17x25x9 (16 gallon) hotwell is stainless steel, and is equipped with an electric skimmer system to remove oil from the condensate.
     The condenser is a shell and tube unit that is over sized for the engine. The air pump is an engine-driven reciprocating air pump.
     The piping is stainless steel throughout on the steam side, and copper on the water side.
     Electrically, Santana has a 12V DC system with LED cabin lights, electric bilge pump, and other accessories. An on-board charger keeps the dual deep cycle marine batteries charged between cruises, and the auxiliary-engine driven alternator keeps the system charged while under way.
     The trailer is included, and is a Magnum brand (Austin, TX) galvanized trailer custom built for the boat with dual heavy duty axles and surge brakes on all four wheels.
     I am selling the boat only because my health no longer allows me to operate the launch.
     Located in Austin, Texas.
Asking $ 25,000
Contact: Warren Caldwell
Phone number will be furnished upon request.


WANTED: New or Used Wood Fired Boiler
   I have built a 20ft modified Elliotbay launch and am seeking an appropriate new or used boiler for a 5HP single semple engine.
   Will consider any and all leads but prefer the U.S. east coast area.
   To remark that I do not know what I am talking about in the steamboat world is putting it kindly. Thanks
Joe Spadaro
Saranac Lake, NY

wanted lubricators

WANTED: My father and I are looking for a lubricator similar to what is shown in the pictures above for the Doty compound that's going in my father's project. We would like to find one with somewhere around 10 outlets. I'm sure some could be doubled with a "T" or plugged if necessary. Would you happen to be in possession and willing to part with something of this nature or perhaps know someone who might?
Wesley Harcourt
telephone: 503.416.1776


FOR SALE - Price reduced!
US NAVY Model "M" compound steam engine, 5-3/4" + 12" x 8". The infamous US Navy "bassackwards" engine - LP cylinder is located at forward end.
$ 8,000 US Funds
Contact: Please ... serious inquiries only.
telephone: 360.202.4649

Rustad's Stuff

*SOLD   Item 1) Lunkenheimer "Banner " displacement lubricator, 3/8 NPT connection, all bronze, shiny, the wooden knob for the fill plug is missing, as is one bulls-eye glass- the threaded retaining ring for the glass is there.
Item 2) Lunkenheimer large bronze bulls-eye sight feed with needle valve for central lube system - 3/8 NPT shiny, nice display item.
Item 3) Small brass sight feed with tubular glass and needle valve - brass, 3" tall, 1/4 NPT connections.
*SOLD   Items 4) & 5) (2) small whistles, 1/4 NPT, about 4" tall, bell is 1" diameter.. These were rescued from low water alarms.
$ 15 each
*SOLD   Item 6) York/Williams oil burner nozzle - small size, I believe these are rated for 3 GPH - 1/8 NPT connections fine condition, no rust.
*SOLD   Item 7) & 8) (2) York/ Williams oil burner nozzles, large size. These were used on S.L."Cyrene" one was kept as a spare. Fired 9 GPH with ease. One has 1/4NPT connections, one has 1/8 NPT.No rust.
$40 each.
Item 8) Small bronze gear pump, used as feed pump on S.L."Lucifer" many years ago - this was procured from Semple, Probably an Oberdorfer pump. Set up with 4 check valves to pump in either direction of rotation.
All prices negotiable & all items are at the residence in Edmonds, WA.
Al Rustad
telephonephone 425-744-4575


10 pipe calliope  
    This unit plays recorded songs with a touch of a button or you can play using a keyboard. A great feature if you're operating your steam boat by yourself
    This unit is on my Beckmann steam launch mounted on top of boiler at forward end:
    10 note brass whistles, precision made, C5- A4,
    10 steam/temperature rated brass valves,
    25 note keyboard allows for expansion.
    Midi controller designed for this application,
    2gb SD storage removable card,
    Song title display,
    Instantly record songs from your keyboard.
    WIRELESS Control : allows you to choose songs or pause/play.
    All cables plug in included,
    Up to 21 notes can played with this unit, so if you want more notes, there is no need to change the controller. Just add more valves and whistles, connect wires to the terminal strip.
    Standard 1/2 inch npt for valves. Connect wires to the appropriate note on the terminal strip, plug in the 12 volt supply, choose a song and it plays....
TO HEAR IT PLAY -- I have a few videos posted on youtube, copy and paste into your browser:
Contact email:


Mike Brown Engine Mike Brown 2 cylinder horizontal engine, 3 HP
* The bore is 1.625 inches. The stroke is 2.25 inches.
* The crankshaft diameter is 5/8 inches.
* The flywheel diameter is 7.5 inches.
* Steam intake .25 inch pipe, exhaust .25 inch pipe.
* Maximum rpm is 700
* 17 inches long
* 13 inches wide
* 8 inches high
* approximately 65 pounds
More info HERE
$ 2,000 OBO
telephone: 417.778.6171

Peter Bouley Boiler 3.5 horsepower Peter Bouley boiler, set for wood
$ 6,000 OBO


Nice single cylinder FOR SALE: Single Cylinder engine.
2.4" bore x 4" stroke with Stephenson reversing; operating pressure at 120 psi. Made of steel (not painted). Length = 380mm x Width = 200mm x Height = 615mm, weight = 85lb (38.5kg0. This engine has sealed bearings at all moving points. Comes with a 10" pulley, spare piston rings, packing gland and high temp "O" rings.

Price is $ 2,500.00 US plus shipping

For more pictures or questions email me at:


Truscott Lines

Authentic Truscott design, never surpassed in stability, grace, ease of propulsion or beauty. From an original Truscott Company hull, these lines and offsets document the exact shape. The 24” by 36” print’s drawing and tables contain the necessary information for those that want to build their own COMPROMISE steam launch hull. This can also be used to scale the hull up or down in size as well as produce a half model. The 24” by 36” print with its drawing, lines and tables postpaid is:
$35.00 in the U.S. or $40.00 internationally.
More information at pearlengine or in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Steamboating Magazine.


You can email AVL Machine Works at


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